Peony All In One Fertiliser 1kg

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Peony All In One Fertiliser 1kg



What fertiliser do we use on our peony plants? This question would be in our top three when discussing peonies with our valued customers. Honestly there is no simple answer to this as there are so many variables particularly with soil type, Ph and other inputs such as composting, blood and bone and other organic additives. The ideal scenario would be to soil test and adjust your nutrition levels based on that. Most gardeners however would not take this approach due to the expense and sometimes hard to find availability of this service.  

Peonies require a high amount of nutrition, close to neutral Ph and good amounts of available calcium and magnesium. Our fertiliser is designed to carefully address this as safe as possible in a broad spectrum environment. Our number one priority is that you, our customer can get the most out of their peony plant and produce as many flowers as possible!

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