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Not only is Tasmania beautiful, but it has a cool and mild spring which is perfect for the slow ripening that delivers an ‘A’ grade peony cut flower.

The rich volcanic red soils which are found throughout North West Tasmania create the perfect home for a peony rhizome to develop into high quality root stock, which then can be delivered direct to your door. We aim to deliver young two to three year old roots which have the best vigour that in turn gives you the best start to growing your peony.

Flowering periods for peonies in Australia range from early October through to late December (depending on your location). It is possible to build an impressive display in your garden which will deliver you flowers for over two months by selecting varieties based on their flowering season timing.

Did you know that Gateforth Farm not only delivers high quality peony cut flowers and root stock, but we also produce other varieties of cut flowers such as Hydrangea, Brunia Albiflora and Snowberry.

Itoh Peonies

These beauties are taking the peony growing experience to a whole new level! They celebrate the marriage made by crossing the tree peony with the Herbaceous peony which was first achieved in 1948 by Toichi Itoh, in Tokyo Japan. Itohs have a larger range of colours, longer flowering periods and present a bushier more floriferous plant. They carry foliage similar to that of the tree peony however die back to ground level just as their herbaceous cousins. Itoh’s are more likely to flower better than Herbaceous peonies in warmer more temperate climates that do not get frost. They also have a higher tolerance to disease.

Herbaceous Peonies

Unsurpassed as a cut flower and with there being thousands of varieties cultivated around the world, the most common herbaceous varieties are made up of mostly Paeonia Lactifloras and Lactiflora Hybrids. These identify by dying back to ground level in the autumn.

Over the last thirty years, these peonies have come a long way. We are seeing a great amount of new colours and forms presenting themselves to the market which just keeps on impressing. Gateforth Farm is dedicated to delivering these new varieties for years to come by actively sourcing the best ‘cultivars’ from around the world each year.   

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